Netvanta 1234

The NetVanta 1234 is a fully managed Layer 2 Ethernet switch designed for cost-effective Ethernet switching. This scalable, full-featured product is suitable for networks requiring Layer 2 switching for interconnecting LAN devices or network segmentation. Ideal for new installations, network upgrades, or protecting the organization with advanced security capabilities, these switches are perfect for business-class applications requiring Fast Ethernet.

  • Low cost, fully managed, 24-port Layer 2 Ethernet switch
  • Standards-based for ease of interoperability
  • Class of Service (CoS) for prioritizing VoIP traffic
  • Segment LAN with up to 255 VLANs (802.1Q tagged or port-based)
  • Recognizable Command Line Interface (CLI) and easy to use Web-GUI

Netvanta 1234/1238 (PDF)
NetVanta 1234/1238 PoE (PDF)

NetVanta 1234 Base Model:  $517.65  (MSRP $595)
NetVanta 1234 with PoE:  $1,257.15  (MSRP $1,445)

Please call for quantity purchase discounts.   Custom programming and annual support available.

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