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The communications and information technology industry are not only changing at an ever-increasing rate, they are continuing to converge together.   Products that bring several solutions together using computer services on one appliance are considered unified from our technical viewpoint.  We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas and products that exemplify our approach to featuring these as an accelerator to our customer’s organizational efficiency and growth.   Read on for what’s new, or check out our Welcome – Start Here section for more background on unified communications or unified technology.

PBXact by Sangoma

The PBXact Business phone system is a fully-featured IP-PBX designed with unified communication features for organizations needing mobility, productivity, and collaboration capabilities. It is a scalable, flexible phone system with an extensive set of built-in features. As Sangoma personally says “everything connects with you connect with Sangoma!”


Yeastar meets the communication requirements of a wide range of industries with flexible and reliable solutions. Their PBX systems and gateways can be used with a wide variety of communication models and they work well with existing equipment. Yeastar’s wealth of solutions help increase employee productivity, reduce overall communications cost, and increase your bottom-line.

Open Mesh

  Smarter, simpler networks! Open Mesh is designed to grow your business with custom brand hardware and cloud management. Their secure, high performance network solutions works in virtually any situation, indoors or out! This reliable, cost-effective solution creates enterprise grade wireless networks across large areas or multiple locations and can easily be managed from one […]

CQ Simple Nimbus

CQ Simple provides unique communication solutions to help increase sales, reduce cost and build your image. Versatile offerings make CQ simple products an excellent solutions for every location, from an executive desk to the back office!

Sophos Network Security

The ultimate in next-gen network security protection

VoIP RFP/RFQ Checklist

For those of you looking for a new VoIP phone system and planning to release a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ), we are happy to offer this checklist of our top 10 most important issues. Remember, some of the companies planning to give you a bid will be basing their number […]


Snom.  Please call us for the latest information and pricing on this solution.

VoIP Security Basics

Is your brand new telephone system at risk?  Has it been hacked, causing you thousands of dollars in phone bills?  Is someone using your new VoIP system for terrorist activities without your knowledge? Traditional integrated phone systems have always been fairly secure.  Back in the day, about all one had to worry about was making […]

Remote Networking

It doesn’t matter where you are – if you have an Internet connection, a cell phone, or a plain old phone line than you have access to todays most sophisticated and productive communications technology.