ShoreTel IP Phone Systems unify business communication methods into a single, easy-to-manage, and simple-to-use solution that was designed from the ground up for IP Networks.  The ShoreTel IP phone system is a completely unified system that scales seamlessly from 1 to 10,000 users including PBX, voice mail, and automated attendant functions.  The sophisticated and simple elegance of this full-features platform is unequaled in the market today.  Its distributed architecture is ideal for multi-site companies that span multiple locations because the ShoreTel IP phone system appears and behaves as a single, unified system.

Distributed Archectiture

ShoreTel has designed this fully distributed Unified Communications (UC) system based on a unique and innovative architecture that is purpose-built with no single point of failure. The ShoreTel distributed architecture incorporates a switch-based hardware platform that makes each switch and site an independent call processor which continues to operate seamlessly in the event of wide area network (WAN) failure. Unlike other solutions, all servers can be disconnected from the ShoreGear® switches and the ShoreTel phone system will continue to place and receive calls.

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Voice applications, including voicemail and automated attendant, run on standard server hardware from anywhere on the IP network. The result is a single-image system across all geographies with complete feature transparency and integration of all PBXs, voicemail systems, automated attendants, and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems.

Unified Messaging

ShoreTel’s Unified Messaging is a comprehensive, simple, and robust solution that satisfies a full range of customer messaging needs, including access to voicemail, fax, and e-mail by a choice of popular methods. It can scale from ten to thousands of mailboxes quickly and easily when needed, without port and disk limitations. And because the system is easy to install and administer in a dynamic workforce environment, organizations can quickly achieve a low TCO. Although ShoreTel’s Unified Messaging is a native, fully integrated component of the ShoreTel UC system, it can also be seamlessly integrated with other PBXs and voicemail systems allowing you to communicate quickly and easily, with anyone.

ShoreWare Voicemail service requires no additional hardware, consumes no ports, and storage is limited only by the size of the server hard disk. At enterprise locations, voicemail servers can be distributed to provide survivable voicemail and save WAN bandwidth.

The ShoreTel UC system provides Unified Messaging from any of the following popular interfaces.

“Any-Telephone” access is available with ShoreTel’s embedded telephone user interface (TUI), which can be used to access voice messages stored on ShoreTel’s application server and to interface with ShoreTel’s embedded auto-attendant.

“Visual” access is available through either ShoreTel’s ShoreWare Call Manager for the PC or ShoreWare Mobile Call Manager for mobile devices. Both provide a simple visual display, access to voicemails stored on ShoreTel’s application server, and access to the corporate and Outlook personal directories.

The Find Me capability helps callers connect with users even when they are not at their regular extension. Users can easily direct calls to ring first at their extension, then at any two other phones they assign.

With a simple click, users can activate Call Handling Mode and manage incoming calls when they are in a meeting, working from home or out of town. Users can also customize greetings, forward calls, specify voicemail pick up, and receive message alerts.

Auto-Attendant service provides 24-hour automated call answering and routing. Outgoing prompts can be easily customized and linked to the day or time of day. Individual departments can use their own unique greetings and options. The Auto-Attendant service requires no physical ports and can be distributed at enterprise locations to save valuable WAN bandwidth.

ShoreWare Director

ShoreWare Director is a Web-based system management tool that provides a single management interface for all voice applications, across all locations. This best-in-class management interface unifies all systems and tasks, instead of using separate management systems and administrators for multiple PBX, voicemail and automated attendant systems. Extremely easy to learn and use, the system helps improve administrator productivity, lower ownership costs and reduce IT resources.  ShoreWare Director recognizes all active IP phones on the network and eliminates manual processes by immediately configuring them (except third party SIP phones). New users are automatically assigned an extension, mailbox, auto-attendant profile when they first access their voicemail, and can then be added to an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) group.

A single-screen view of the entire enterprise system graphically notifies administrators about the performance status of all key components, at all times.

Centralized Call Detail Reporting (CDR) across the enterprise simplifies accounting and bandwidth issues. Bundled reports provide information on trunk, user, workgroup, and network activity, exposing under-utilized trunks and network performance across WAN links to help optimize performance.

Searchable online documentation gives users and administrators quick and easy answers. Resources include an administration guide, as well as installation and user documentation.

Integrated software distribution for voice switches, IP phones, and desktop applications helps reduce support overhead and ensure system optimization.

The ShoreWare Call Detail Recording service generates call records for all locations into a single, unified database on the ShoreWare server-there is no need for “buffer boxes” and “polling devices” to integrate CDR data from multiple sites. The service also generates call records into a text file for use by third-party call accounting packages.

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