Hello from Current-Concepts Corporation!  We specialize in unified communications and unified technology solutions.   To us, the term ‘unified’ has a very distinct and powerful meaning.  Others may use this as the latest marketing term, but a true unified solution goes way beyond industry hype.  In fact, a data, voice, or video system that is built on unified architecture is invariably more effective and dynamic with a much lower total cost of ownership than any other type of technology product. To learn more about unified architecture visit our Welcome – Start Here section. For solutions featuring products with unified architecture visit our Unified Solutions section. Visit our News Blog for our latest updates and announcements.

All of us at Current-Concepts are committed to providing your organization with the most innovative, powerful, flexible, and cost effective technology available today.  Current-Concepts main focus is on business solutions.  What this means for our customers is more than simply knowing that a particular job will be done right.  We don’t just build a project from a bill of goods.  Instead, we take the time to get to know our customers.  Our design process includes asking many questions so we fully understand what is needed to help our customers reach their business goals.  We use or customers’ goals as the leading factor in systems design.  Then we select the system features that will be required to reach the goals.  Only then will we select the products to support those features.  We also look at our customer’s team to determine how they might best use the features.  We then apply our provisioning, and training services to customize the solution to achieve the desired result.

We appreciate your visit and trust that you will find some real value in or web content.  Just like our data, voice, and video solutions, we strive to give you something extra for your time spent here today.  While you browse our site look for announcements, specials, tech tips, interesting links, and trade secrets to help you succeed with today’s ever-changing technologies.  As always, feel free to contact us directly for personal service.

Privacy Policy: Current-Concepts Corporation does not share your information with other companies for the purpose of solicitation or demographic studies.  Only customers that have warranties that are supported through the manufacturer have their pertinent data shared with our channel partners for registration and support, and only then with the customer’s direct permission, or in conjunction with a maintenance plan or contract.  We respect your privacy and only employ personnel who agree to do the same.

References: Because of our commitment to our customers’ privacy, we do not list general references online.  We do have plenty of references that we would be happy to share with you personally, from international corporations to local high-tech manufacturers.  From large colleges and schools to libraries and daycare providers.  From commercial, industrial, and residential customers in the Connecticut River Valley and throughout northern New England, Current-Concepts enjoys the appreciation of our customers, old and new.  Most are more than happy to make time to speak with you and discuss how their experience with our company is distinguished from the others.